Our methods and ideologies

We are firm believers in the compound lifts. These are the cornerstones to any strength program and it is the strength of our focus. Our clients and members go through vigorous training cycles to perfect these lifts and movements, which in return reap the most benefits in regards to strength progression, aesthetic improvements and overall confidence in the gym.

Our philosophies vary in regards to our style of training and programming from the masses. We use strict and scientific methods to optimize peoples leverages and fix movement patterns to improve overall health, and strength. From specific programming tools like auto-regulation (RPE AND RIR) to basic linear progression and block periodization, we individualize everything to the member/client to enhance their fitness and strength journey.

The Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Overhead press are our corner stones in everything that we do. These lifts have stood the test of time, and our mission is to bring them back to the forefront of the fitness and strength world one client and member at a time. Whether your goal is weight loss, to gain over strength, or to compete in the sport of powerlifting, these lifts can help you get there!

When it comes to strength and personal fitness, everyone has their own goals they want to reach. We are here to help you reach those goals while juggling everyday life and the stresses that may come with it. In our hands we are certain to help you reach your goals beyond expectations. Schedule a free consultation now to get started. 


“Barbell training had always intimidated me. I’d heard so many conflicting things, and I never felt confident about how to format my workouts, or how far to push myself. I’m so glad that I started with Dan, because he taught me how to think about training in a sustainable way, so that I had attainable goals and consistent results. In a total of four months, training 4 days a week, I got significantly stronger and felt my energy level improve immensely. I consider the time I was there incredibly valuable, and can’t wait to hopefully go back soon. Dan is the man!”

– Dylan C.


“To whomever it concerns, I come to you today writing a review for Dan, my trainer at Boynton Barbell Center. Some words I like to use to describe Dan are supportive, smart, and great teacher. I came to Dan after two years in a corporate gym with what I now know as severely wrong training. I came to Dan with shoulder pain, shin splints, and just general wear and tear from bad form. While this is a life long process Dan quickly showed me how to fix my form, but didn’t break me down either. In a little under two months I had lost 10 pounds of fat , gained several pounds of muscle and was confident in what I was doing for the first time ever! While I never got to compete under his training, I spoke to many of his clients who have nothing but good things to say to him. Essentially what I’m saying is Dan can train any person, weak or strong, skinny or fat. He’ll have your back and be a life long mentor on your fitness journey.” 

 – Zach D.

“Getting a membership at BBC has been the best decision I have made. I have had many injuries in the past that had stopped me from going to the gym. After a few months training with Dan I was able to deadlift and squat without lower back pain. Dan has worked with me and helped me train around my injuries and now I feel stronger then ever. After training with Dan for only 8 months I won my 1st USAPL competition. I recommend anyone who is serious about getting in shape and getting stronger to come check out BBC and train with Dan. Best coach ever.”

– Marine M.

“Stepping into this gym is one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a while. It allowed me to show up for myself consistently, break out of my comfort zone, and even bled into other parts of my life that have improved, but are still under construction. As Justin Bieber once said “So blessed, so moved, so grateful” to have stepped into a gym and have met a handful of strong people, and to be trained by a dope coach. If you’re looking for a sign to start your gym journey, this is it.”

– Teylor B.

“Coming down from NYC to spend the winter in Florida sounded like a dream come true until I realised I wouldn’t be able to continue my training unless I found a solid gym with great coaching.  Boynton Barbell Center exceeded all my expectations. The gym and equipment are solid, the folks working out are serious and the trainers are knowledgeable.  I continue to get better and better results.  Thanks, Dan and BBC!”  

– Joe Z.

“I first started working out at Boynton barbell Center over two years ago. The goal was to increase my strength and to optimize my time at the gym to be more efficient and effective. After years of CrossFit, orange theory and traditional gym workouts that never got my physique and strength to where I thought it should be, I tried powerlifting. The concept of powerlifting sounds intimidating, but it was easy for me to adapt based on my prior gym routines.
Training with Dan over the past year has helped me not only build my strength, but also focus on physique and esthetic. Dan is a consummate professional and has an innate quality to identify a common bond with each person he interacts with. He is assertive to his clients desired goals and is effective with each minute of their training sessions.
Dan takes careful notice of each moment while training and is considers any adaptive moves to help prevent injury or stress on the body.
I would highly recommend Dan to anybody that is interested in changing their physique, increasing strength or meeting personal fitness goals.
I will be turning 40 years old soon and I’m in the best shape of my life because of Dan. I can’t thank him enough!”

 – Joey T.